Bluefin Touch Display

Bluefin Touch Displays - BrightSign Built-In

New at Media Solutions: Bluefin Touch Displays - The clever all-in-one digital signage touch displays with integrated BrightSign player. The well thought-out and powerful digital signage solution enables compact installations with cabling reduced to the PoE-LAN cable. The free authoring software "BrightAuthor" and the low acquisition costs clearly speak for the Bluefin Displays. 

The Bluefin Touch Display contains the concentrated power of the well-known BrightSign Digital Signage Media Player. The built-in BS Player is similar to the model HD1023 and has 4 GPIO ports, RJ45 LAN, RS232, 2 times USB and the Micro SD Card Slot. Optionally, the display can also be equipped with a WLAN adapter.

Key Features

  • PoE + for the 10″ and 15″ models
  • BrightSign Integrates HD3 performance - equivalent to the HD1023 player
  • capacitive 10 point touch Multitouch
  • BrightAuthor content management software (free)
  • BrightSign Network, the cloud for worldwide access 
  • 24/7 operation

Models (other display sizes and non-touch versions on request!)

With the free BrightAuthor software, interactive multi-zone templates can be created and used locally, via LAN, WLAN or worldwide in the BrightSign Network Cloud. applications such as playlists, interactive events, scheduling and touch screen applications can be quickly implemented with BrightAuthor without programming skills. Even complex tasks such as synchronous multichannel playout solutions, GPS integration or barcode scanner applications can be implemented with BrightAuthor. 

The Bluefin Touch Displays are now available from Media Solutions and can be tested live in our showroom.