BrightSign TV Stream

Brightsign Player TV streaming: How it works

Brightsign Player TV Streaming: We can now offer you any TV channel, whether public or pay TV, as a network stream for your BrightSign digital signage application. Integrate your desired channel in best HD quality into your BrightSign project! Ideal for applications like Sports Bar, Shopping Mall TV, waiting areas of public transport and everywhere where current TV information has to be available easily and quickly.

Just in time for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Media Solutions offers a new software service for its BrightSign digital signage applications. Whether SF1, Eurosport 3 or N24, Media Solutions delivers the BrightAuthor-compatible stream in excellent quality. Easy integration into your BrightAuthor project, both as full screen and in a multizone template. Depending on the station, this is 1'280×720 pixels or 1'920×1'080 pixels as h.264 stream with 10 Mbit/s data rate. Some transmitters are even available in 4K at 20 Mbps.

Annual subscription for Brightsign player streaming

In the annual subscription the costs are composed as follows:

Per channel CHF 10.00 / month
Per player CHF 20.00 / month

Price example annual subscription 3 channels / 5 players
For a channel list with 3 channels, e.g. SF1 HD, SF2 HD and ARD, and playback on a maximum of 5 BrightSign players simultaneously, the monthly costs are CHF 130.00

Short term streaming service
For organizers as well as event and show technology companies we can of course also offer a temporary TV streaming service!
For example, at an event, you need to feed 1 SF1 stream in HD to 1 BrightSign player over 5 days. Flat rate CHF 245.00

Brightsign Player TV streaming with the BrightAuthor
Of course we support you in integrating the TV stream with BrightAuthor for your desired project!

For further information or a non-binding offer please contact us at or 062 849 00 31.

Legal notice:
- All prices excluding copyright fees.
- The customer is responsible for the copyright fees, e.g. Billag, MySports, Teleclub etc.
- Minimum term is 1 year.
- Cancellation period 1 month before the end of the contract.
- The contract is automatically renewed annually.
- The costs will be charged against advance payment.