Nexmosphere LightMark

Nexmosphere LightMark - Selective control of LEDs

NEXMOSHERE launches "LightMark", a new API command set that enables the easy integration of various LED controllers in digital signage projects.

Create atmosphere

In order to get the full attention of the audience, "LightMark" can be used to program not only continuous lighting, but also animated wave movements over the entire length of the LED strip in a wide variety of color combinations. Additional parameters allow the free design of chaser, speed, brightness and gradient.

Control segments

"LightMark" also allows us to selectively choose individual LED segments and control them individually. Using interactive means such as touch screen, buttons, air gesture or other sensors, the user selects a specific product according to his selection criteria. The position of the product in the product carrier is then shown to him by the corresponding LED segment. The division of the LED strip into different LED segments can be freely defined.

Nexmosphere - Elements for Experience

Whether in multimedia, interactive stagings at the POS, in attractive exhibits in museums, or as a component of a digital sales guide in the retail trade: Nexmosphere sensors and actuators help to guarantee exciting and emotional visitor and shopping experiences for a demanding public.

Your customers are familiar with all the multimedia options and you need to dig a little deeper when planning a digital signage presentation in order to generate lasting aha experiences, enthusiasm and buying impulses. Nexmosphere supports you with a variety of sensors and actuators, which are combined in different configurations via a proprietary bus system and connected to a BrightSign (or similar) digital signage player via USB port. Via this bidirectional connection, the player and the connected sensors/actuators exchange commands and results.

Documentation & Quick Start

As usual from Nexmosphere, the manufacturer offers a comprehensive documentation as well as a Quick-Start for the new product LightMark. Under the following links you can download the corresponding documents:

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