Solutions for changing hygiene requirements

The crisis situation due to COVID-19 has had a long-term impact on the needs and behaviour of visitors and customers. The fear of pathogens and infections leads to the fact that previously harmless routines are suddenly avoided. In order to maintain the trust of its visitors in the shop, showroom or meeting, hygiene measures must be given much more importance. But how can hygiene measures be maintained with the help of digital solutions? And what do I do with my touchscreens?

In the following we present some exciting solutions that support hygiene compliance and continue to enable the digital experience in the store.

Fear of contact in connection with touch screens?

Who doesn't know it: Before the crisis, if you had ordered your snack on the touch system without further ado, today you suddenly get a queasy feeling when you stand in front of a touch screen. How many fingers have probably touched this surface today? If this thought enters your head, the ordering system is bypassed quite quickly and you order your hamburger at the cash register again. But that doesn't have to be the case, because there are already some solutions for these applications:

Solution 1: Content in connection with cleaning plan

A simple but effective solution is the correct communication of cleaning plans: by means of content the user is made aware that the touch screen has been disinfected and is ready for use. When the customer is finished with his application, a content is triggered, which communicates that the touch screen needs to be disinfected again. With our touch solutions, for example, a secret combination can be stored, which releases the application again. This is triggered by the cleaning personnel and the screen is again ready for the next customer or visitor.

Solution 2: Antibacterial touchscreens

Our supplier Crystal Display Systems has come up with an interesting solution for the new hygiene requirements: Newly, for touchscreens in all possible sizes one housing which is equipped with an antibacterial surface. This allows 99.9% of all bacteria and pathogens to be neutralized by the coating. Thus the risk of infection via the surface is enormously reduced. Combined with the right communication, the housing is a good solution for the changing needs and minimizes fear of contact in the shop or showroom.

Antibacterial coating for touchscreens - Crystal Display Systems
Example of an antibacterial housing from CDS

Solution 3: BrightLink from BrightSign

With BrightLink the long-standing digital signage expert BrightSign has launched a sustainable solution for the new hygiene requirements: With BrightLink, content of a BrightAuthor presentation can be triggered via smartphone. This enables a completely contactless experience for touch systems or non-touch displays. The customer logs in to a WiFi, which is provided by the player. Afterwards, control is transferred to the smartphone by scanning a QR code. Now various information can be triggered and viewed on the system via an HTML page. Even independent of hygiene measures, the solution has great potential for taking digital worlds of experience to the next level.

BrightLink from BrightSign

Controlling the entry of persons

Even though the market has already been flooded by countless counting systems, access control is still an important issue for many businesses. Our supplier Crystal Display Systems has gone one step further: With the "TAURI" solution, the display manufacturer has created an entrance control that goes beyond counting.

The CDS TAURI measures the temperature of visitors before they enter the store and decides whether a customer may enter the store based on this information. The system is extremely fast in the evaluation and works contactless. The solution promises great potential, especially in the healthcare sector.

SWEDX Counting Mats

SWEDX has also done its homework and now offers in combination with your bestseller Signo a Counting system which registers the number of visitors and regulates the entrance via the floor mats.

SWEDX Signo Counting Mats, counting system

The system can be integrated quickly and offers a reliable solution for counting people.

We are happy to support you

Our suppliers have given everything in the last few weeks. We are pleased to be able to offer a broad portfolio of different solutions to meet the changing needs of customers and visitors.

If you are interested in a solution, we will be happy to support you and advise you on the right integration for your customers. Our team is at your disposal by telephone or by mail at your disposal.
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