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With Nexmosphere it is even easier to create interactive experiences

We are pleased to announce that Nexmosphere's versatile range of products now offers you a host of new ways to create interactive experiences.

All interactive elements such as pick-up sensors, presence sensors, sound switching and LED lighting can be easily integrated into any digital signage platform via serial or USB connection. No special software needs to be installed as the Nexmosphere components communicate as soon as they are connected to the player. Nexmosphere calls this Plug & Smile :)

When a consumer or visitor interacts with the connected sensor elements, a serial command is automatically sent to the media player, which in turn can trigger content as desired. Process the standard serial commands provided in the media player of your choice and design exactly the interactive user experience required for your project. The solutions can be implemented cost-effectively and in a wide range. The technology is primarily aimed at the retail sector, but is also used in other industries such as museums, restaurants and offices.

The Nexmosphere range

The Nexmosphere product catalogue gives you an overview of the countless possibilities of the components and their variations.

Test the Nexmosphere range with the help of the specially developed Demo boards and if you are dissatisfied, you will get your money back within 60 days. Of course we are at your disposal for any further questions. In addition, we are currently working to include the complete Nexmosphere range in our shop. So even if you need a specific Nexmosphere product, please do not hesitate to contact us. Soon you will find the complete Nexmosphere range, including our training courses, in our online shop.

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