Nexmosphere sensors and actuators

Transform your digital signage application into an engaging interactive experience. 

Nexmosphere Sensoren und Aktoren

Extensive range for interactivity

The Nexmosphere sensors, actuators and controls provide the ability to create unique interactive experiences wherever digital signage is used. From presence to pick-up to gender recognition sensors, Nexmosphere offers a comprehensive range of products for all aspects of interactivity.

The Nexmosphere Ecosystem

Discover and understand the Nexmosphere ecosystem


Nexmosphere elements are sensors and actuators, such as pick-up sensors, presence sensors or LEDs. By combining different elements on our Xperience controllers, interactive experiences can be created.


Xperience controllers are used to combine elements and connect to any digital signage player or PC. The controller is the part of the system that translates the communication coming from the elements to the connected device and vice versa. Some of the controllers are equipped with additional functions, such as LED control or audio switching.


The connection method between the elements and controllers of Nexmosphere is called X-talk. Calculate the number of X-talk channels required by adding up the number of elements used and select the correct controller model for the task.

Competent advice
& support

You have an idea for an interactive application? We would be happy to advise you on the Nexmosphere range and put together a tailor-made offer with the right components. Contact us by phone at +41 62 849 00 31 or via contact form with the link below.


The Nexmosphere Bundles offer the possibility to purchase complete applications including all sensors and controllers at low cost. In addition to the demo boards, they are an ideal introduction to the topic of interactivity and can be used as training or for demo applications.

Nexmosphere Bundle Auswahl-LED XB-N03UN