Allsee 55″ Infrared Freestanding Touch Screen Poster with Dual OS white L55E3-T

03ALL IR Touch, Dual OS, Multiple AV Inputs, IPS Panel, Internal Locker, Integrated WI-Fi, 10 Touch Points, 24/7, No external PC required, Integrated Speakers, LED Backlight, Lifetime Technical Support, 3 Years Warranty

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Dual operating system
Experience the most versatile commercial touchscreen on the market. With both Android and Windows operating systems installed on the built-in PC, you can't beat its flexibility. Switch from Windows to Android effortlessly; this screen has it all in one convenient package. A Windows license must be purchased separately

10 touch points
Up to 10 touch points enable a wider variety of applications than ever before. With this functionality, you can manipulate images, zoom in and out, and perform many other touch gestures, similar to a traditional tablet. Multiple users can also interact with the screen simultaneously

Infrared touch
Infrared touch screens use the most robust and durable touch technology available. Designed for commercial use, infrared touch technology works by embedding LED lights and sensors into the frame of a monitor above the glass. These LEDs send a signal to the corresponding sensor on the other side, forming an invisible grid. When the grid is breached by a finger or other solid object, the sensors can detect the point of contact. Infrared touchscreens are by far the most cost-effective solution on the market.


Freestanding Infrared Touch Screen with Dual OS Range Spec Sheet

55 inch Freestanding Infrared Touch Screen with Dual OS - Technical Drawings

55 inch Freestanding Infrared Touch Screen with Dual OS - Spec Sheet